Michael Jackson DVD List



DVD 1:

-The Solo Years 30th anniversary Celebration Madison Square Garden Concert First CBS Show.

-ET News About 30th Anniversary Celebration


DVD 2:

-30th anniversary Celebration Concert Commercial

-CBS Show Special After the 30th an. MOTOWN Museum

-The Solo Years 30th anniversary Celebration Madison Square Garden Concert Second CBS Show.


DVD 3:


-History Concert In Copenhagen Denmark Aug. 14 1997

-History Concert In Sydney Australia November 1996


-History Concert In Amsterdam, Holland 30 September 1996

-History Concert In Amsterdam, Holland 10 June 1997


DVD 4:

-History Concert In Auckland New Zealand Nov. 9 1996


DVD 5:

-Dangerous Concert In Bucharest Romania Oct. 01 1992 HBO Ver.

-Dangerous Concert In Berlin Germany Sep. 04 1992


DVD 6:

-History Concert In Dublin Ireland July 19 1997


DVD 7: 2 DVDís


-History Concert In Sydney Australia Nov. 14 1996

-History Concert In France June 27 1997

-History Concert In Basel Switzerland July 25 1997

-History Concert In Milan Italy June 18 1997



-History Concert In Amsterdam Netherlands June 8 1997

-History Concert In Tokyo Japan Dec. 13 1996

-History Concert In Cologne Germany June 3 1997


DVD 8:

-History Concert In Belgium Ostendi Sep. 3 1997


DVD 9:

-You Rock My World 13.45m

-You Rock My World 4.25m

-You Rock My World 5.30m




DVD 10:

-Rock My World CAPPELA

-Donít Stop ĎTil You Get Enough  CAPPELA


-Bille Jean CAPPELA


-The Way You Make Me Feel CAPPELA

-Smooth Criminal CAPPELA


DVD 11:

-Michael Jackson Private Home Movies Interview 2003


DVD 12:

-Unseen Footage From Living With Michael Jackson

-Living With Michael Jackson Interview 2003

-Martin Bashier Primetime Interview 2003


DVD 13:

-Debbie Rowe Interview

-E.T Before The Interview

-MJ The Footage You Were Never Meant To See

-Don Brandon Interview After MJ Interview


DVD 14:


-History Concert In Gothenburg Sweden Aug. 16 1997

-History Concert In Taiwan Oct. 18 1996

-History Concert Rock With You

-History Concert In Moscow Russia Sep. 17 1996



-History Concert In Prague Czech Rep. Sept. 7 1996

-History Concert In Copenhagen Denmark Birthday Concert August 29 1997

-History Concert In Budapest Hungary Sept. 10 1996


DVD 15:

-Michael Jackson & Friends Concert In Munich Germany 23/06/99

-Message To Korea For MJ & Friends

-MJ & Friends Concert In Seoul Rehearsal

-Michael Jackson In South Korea 99

-Michael Jackson & Friends Concert In Seoul Korea 25/06/99

DVD 16:

-The American Dream


DVD 17: 2 DVDs


-American Music Awards 1974

-American Music Awards 1975

-American Music Awards 1976

-American Music Awards 1977

-American Music Awards 1980

-American Music Awards 1981

-American Music Awards 1984

-American Music Awards 1986

-American Music Awards 1988

-American Music Awards 1993

-American Music Awards 2002

-Icon MTV 2001

-Making Of MTV 10th Anniversary

-MTV 10th Anniversary Awards

-MTV Video Music Awards 1995

-MTV Video Music Awards 2001

-MTV Video Music Awards 2002

-The 65th Annual Academy Awards

-The Kora Awards 99

-Bravo Awards

-Billboard Awards 1993

-Billboard Awards 2002



-World Music Awards 1993

-World Music Awards 1996

-Before World Music Awards 2000

-World Music Awards 2000

-Grammy Awards 1974

-Grammy Awards 1977

-Grammy Awards 1984

-Grammy Awards 1986

-Grammy Awards 1987

-7th Soul Train Awards 1993

-Soul Train Awards 1989


DVD 18 : 2 DVDs


-Pool Interview 1984

-MTV Millennium Interview 2000

-E.T Interview 2000

-Ebony Jetcase Interview 1987

-Japanese Interview 1997

-20/20 Interview MJ Fights Back 1997

-Watten Dass Interview 1999

-TRL MTV Interview 2001

-Bet Interview 2001

-Japanese Interview 1997 Uncut

-Gold Interview 2002

-PrimeTime Live Interview 1995



-Australian Interview

-Oprah Interview 1993

-American BandStand Interview 2002

-E.T Interview 2002

-Fox Interview 2002

-Dr. Burda & MJ Interview In Berlin 2002

-Debbie Rowe Interview

-MBC Dubai Interview

-Chat Interview Full Interview 1995


DVD 19: 2 DVDs


-Dangerous Concert In Hamlin Germany Aug. 13, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Santiago Chile Oct. 23, 1993

-Dangerous Concert In Frankfurt Germany Aug. 28, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Humberg Germany Aug. 10, 1992



-Dangerous Concert In Moscow Russia Sept. 15, 1993

-Dangerous Concert In Singapore Singapore Aug. 29, 1993

-Dangerous Concert In Barcelona Spain Sept. 18, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Buenos Aires Argentina Oct. 12, 1993

-Dangerous Concert In Oviedo Spain Sept. 21, 1992


DVD 20: 2 DVDs


-History Concert In Manila Philippine Dec. 10 1996

-History Concert In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Oct. 29 1996

-History Concert In Hockenheim Germany August 10 1997



-History Concert In Munech Germany July 4 1997

-History Concert In Hockenheim Germany August 10 1997

-History Concert In Leipzig Germany August 3 1997


DVD 21:

-Captain Eo Director Cut

-Captain Eo Grand Opening

-Making Of Captain Eo


DVD 22: 2 DVDs


-History Concert In Johannesburg South Africa October 12 1997



-History Concert In Gelsenkirichen Germany June 15 1997

-Message To Tunis

-History Concert In Tunis TV Ver. Not Complete

-History Concert In Tunis Tunisia Oct. 7 1996 PRIVATE


DVD 23: 2 DVDs


-30 Anniversary Celebration Extended Version



-30 Anniversary Celebration Sep 7 2001 PRIVATE

-30 Anniversary Celebration Sep 10 2001 PRIVATE


DVD 24: 2 DVDís


-Michael Jackson The King Of POP

-The Mad Bad World Of Michael Jackson

-Michael Jackson Souvenir Special



-MJ Greatest TV Moments

-Good To Be Michael Jackson

-48 Hours Critical Stage


DVD 25: 2 DVDís


-MJ In Disneyland

-MJ In Palestine

-MJ In Taiwan

-MJ In Japan 97

-Bad Around The World



-MJ In Berlin 2002 & Auction

-MJ Before Bambi Awards 2002

-Angle Ball 2001

-MJ Marriage To Debbie

-Miracle Of 34th St. Private

-MJ In Brunei 1996

-MJ Before Paris Kingdom Press Conference 1997

-MJ Arrives To Munich 1999

-Garden Elementary School Ceremony 1990

-Message To Korea, Unknown, Unknown, Russia, Tunis

-MJ At Bombay Beach

-MJ With President Bush

-Message From Channel V

-From Motown To Your Town

-MJ In Africa

-Prince Is Born News

-MJ In Helsinki + Message

-MJ In Budapest

-MJ Before Brit Awards 1995

-MJ In Prague 1996

-MJ In London 1992

-MJ In Thailand

-MJ In Newzeland

-MJ In Australia & MJ Wedding

-MJ In Italy

-Kathryn On The Phone

-MJ At NASDAQ 2001

-MJ At The 30th Anniversary

-MJ With Lisa & Debbie

-MJ After Awards

-MJ In Australia and Message To Australia

-MJ In Malaysia

-MJ Around The World

-MJ In Australia

-MJ In Auckland

-MJ In Orphanage

-MJ In Mockba 1993

-MJ In Poland

-MJ At Children Hospital 1,2

-MJ In Thailand

-MJ In Oxford 2002

-MJ In Namibia Africa

-MJ With Lisa Maria In Neverland 1995

-MJ Outside At WMA 2000

-MJ In Munich 1999

-MJ In Munich 1995

-MJ In UK 1995

-MJ With Madonna, Macaulay Colcin, Lisa Maria Presley
-MJ With Elizabeth Taylor

-MJ In Disneyland

-One Night Only Ad

-MJ At Wax Museum 1997

-MJ Arrives To Berlin 1992

-MJ In Sidi Bou Saed Tunis

-MJ In South Africa 1996

-MJ In Auckland Newzeland 1996

-Pepsi MJ With Children Asking Him Conference

-Sylvester Stallone Watching MJ Concert

-MJ In Bremen

-MJ In Prague

-MJ In Russia

-MJ In Phantasia Land

-MJ In Phantasia Land 1997


DVD 26: 2 DVDís


-Ghosts First Version

-Making Of Ghosts First Version

-Ghosts Second Version

-Making Of Ghosts Second Version



-Ghosts Millennium Version

-Making Of Ghosts Millennium Version


DVD 27: 2 DVDís


-MJ In London 2002 Version 1,2,3

-MJ In New York 2002

-Bad Tour Around The World



-MJ In Gary Indiana July 11 2003 PRIVATE

-MJ Message To MTV Japan

-MTV Special

-MJ Message To Channel V

-Dangerous Tour Around The World

-Message To Korea 1996

-MJ At Nasdaq 2001

-Blitz Special History Tour


DVD 28:

-Michael Jackson The Legend Continues


DVD 29: 2 DVDís


-Dangerous Concert In Munich Germany (Black Or White, Billie Jean)

-Dangerous Concert In Dublin Ireland (Jam) July 25, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Wembly London (Beat It) Aug. 20, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Hamburg Germany (I Just Cant Stop Loving You) Aug. 10, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Werchter Belgium (Wanna Be Stratin Somethin) July 22, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Istanbul Turkey (Jam, Wanna Be Stratin Somethin) Sept. 23, 1993

-Dangerous Concert In Stockholm Sweden July 17 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Toulouse France Sept. 16, 1992



-Dangerous Concert In Monza Italy July 06, 1992
-Dangerous Concert In London England (Sheís Out Of My Life) July 31, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Madrid Spain (Heal The World) Sept. 23, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Oviedo Spain (Black And White {SLASH}) Sept. 21, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Madrid Spain (Man In The Mirror) Sept. 23, 1992

-Dangerous Concert Got Kissed In The Lips

-Dangerous Concert In London England (Jam, Black Or White) Aug. 23, 1992

-Dangerous Concert In Hameln Germany Aug. 13, 1992


DVD 30: 2 DVDís


-BAD Concert In Tokyo Japan Sept. 12, 1987

-BAD Concert In Rome Italy May 23, 1988

-BAD Concert In Cologne July 03, 1988

-BAD Concert Clips



-BAD Concert In Osaka Oct. 10, 1987

-BAD Concert In Yokozuma Sept. 25, 1987

-BAD Concert In Tokyo Alternative Sept. 13, 1987


DVD 31:

-United We Stand Concert Oct. 21, 2001


DVD 32:

-Virgin Mega Store Signing 2001


DVD 33: 2 DVDís


-Disney Medley Special

-Carol Brunet

-Sony & Cher

-Jackson Variety Series Part 1



-Jackson Variety Series Part 2

-Motown 25 The Whole Jackson 5 Performance


DVD 34: 2 DVDS


-Quincy Jones On Oprah Calls Michael Jackson

-ET Interview 2001 + Making Of What More Can I Give

-30 Anniversary Interview 2001

-1982 Interview

-Chat Interview 1995

-MBC Interview 1995 Special Version

-Australian Interview 1997

-Jacksons Interview 1979

-Jermaine Jackson Interview Christmas Of 2002, 2003

-MJ Interview 1983

-World Music Awards 1996 Interview

-Dr. Burda Interview 2002 Special Edition Includes

  Behind The Scenes With Martin Bashir

-Jackson 5 Interview Before The MSG Concert 2001

-Michael Jackson & Jackie Interview 1970 With Robert Bernethy

-20/20 Interview 1997

-MJ Changeís History Bill Blamey Interview 1995


-60 Minutes Ending Credit 1987

-Las Vegas 1974 Interview

-One To One Interview 1997

-VH1 Interview

-60 Minutes Interview 1987

-Molly Medena Interview 1987 {60 Minutes Interview}

-Jermaine Jackson & Mark Geragos

  Interview On Larry King Live Dec. 18 2003

-20/20 Jermaine & Jackie Jackson Interview Dec. 19 2003


DVD 35: 2 DVDs 4 hours


-News About the Case

-News About the Case

-Tom Sneddon Arrest Warrant Press Conference

-News About the Case

-News Discussion About The Case

≠-News About the Case

-Mark Garages press Conference

-Larry King Interview

-News About the Case

-EXTRA News About the Case Making of Number One Video and MJ In Vegas Wearing BLACK 2003

-ACCESS HOLLYWOOD News About the Case and Making of Number One Video and MJ In Vegas Wearing WHITE 2003

-ACCESS HOLLYWOOD MJ MJ Arriving at the airport and MJ Handed Himself + MUG SHOT + MJ Christmas Party 2003

-ET News About the Case

-CHANNEL 7 News About the Case MJ Back To Vegas In His Car 2003

-ET News About the Case MJ Back To Vegas In His Car 2003

-News About the Case Tom Sneddon Press Conference November 2003

-ET News About the Case MJ Arriving to Neverland In A Bus Hiding From The Cameras 2003 + Neverland Party 2003

-ET News About the Case


-Mexico Court Case 1993

-MJ At Santa Monica Court 2002, 2003


DVD 36: 2 DVDís


-Making Of Ghosts

-Making Of Moonwalk

-Making Of Stranger In Moscow

-Making Of Childhood

-Making Of Dream

-Making Of Give In To Me Second Version

-Making Of Whatzupwithu

-Making Of What More Can I Give



-Making Of They Donít Care About Us Both Versions

-Making Of Pepsi Commercial Iíll Be There

-Making Of USA For Africa We Are The World

-Making Of Stranger In Moscow ABC Channel

-Making Of Give In To Me Second Edition

-Making Of Dream Second Edition

-Making Of History Teaser First Version

-Making Of Give In To Me Second Edition

-Making Of Remember The Time Special Edition

-VH1 MJ Making History

-Making Of Vibe 1995

-Making Of Black or White CNBC

-Making Of Teaser Third Edition

-Making Of Teaser Second Edition

-Making Of In The Closet CINDY CROWFORD Version

-Making Of Speed Demon


DVD 37: 2 DVDís


-History Concert In Honolulu Hawaii Jan. 3 1997 (Scream, TDCAU)

-History Concert In Bremen Germany May 31 1997

-History Concert In Ostende Belgium May 31 1997



-History Concert In Johannesburg South Africa Private October 12 1997

-History Concert In Copenhagen Denmark Birthday Concert August 29 1997

-History Concert In Netherlands Amsterdam June 10 1997


DVD 38: 2 DVDís


-Golden Microphone Awards 1995

-Bet Awards 1995

-Honoree Awards 1994

-Nabob Awards 1994

-One To One Award

-Platinum Otto Award

-Guitar Award 1993

-Carrying Kid Awards

-Smash Hits Awards

-Tops Of The Pops Awards + Smash Hits Awards 1995

-KissFm Ledgend Awards 2000

-BMI Award 1987

-Bambi Awards 2002

-Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Awards 1997

-Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Awards 2001

-Brit Awards 1995

-Soul Train Awards 1995

-Good Scout Humanitarian Awards

-Microphone Awards 1995

-NAACP Awards 1993

-Bollywood Awards 1999

-NABOB Awards 1994

-Italian Awards 1997

-Brit Awards 1995



-UNCF Awards 1993

-Carrying Kids Award

-Angle Ball Awards 2000

-MJ Day 10 Fan Award 2000

-MTV 10th Annual Awards

-BMI Awards 1997

-Bet Awards 2003

-World Art Awards 2002

-World Music Awards 1993 (English)

-Billboard Award 1995

-MTV Video Music Awards 1995

-Children Award

-NACCP Image Award 1993

-Bet Walk Of Fame Award 1995

-Angle Of Hope Awards 2000



DVD 39: 2 DVDs


-Bad Concert Rehearsal In Florida Preparing For Kansas City Concert 1988

-MJ & Friends In Munich Rehearsal Singing Sheís Out Of My Life

-History Concert In Prague Rehearsal

-Jackson 5 Rehearsal 1972

-MJ & Friends In Seoul Rehearsal




-Dangerous Tour Rehearsal


DVD 40:

-Can You Feel It

-Say Say Say

-Heal The World 2nd Edition

-Will You Be There 1st Edition


-Will You Be There 2nd Edition


-Blood On The Dance Floor


-You Are Not Alone Mix 1

-You Are Not Alone Mix 2

-Gone Too Soon Diana

-Heal The World 3rd Edition

-Blood On The Dance Floor


-2300 Jackson Street

-Sheís Out Of My Life

-They Donít Care About Us PRISON VERSION

-Will You Be There 3rd Edition

-What More Can I Give

-Dirty Diana

-The Way You Make Me Feel

-Heal The World 1st Edition


-Man In The Mirror


DVD 41 2 DVDs


-Elizabeth Taylor A Musical Celebration 2000

-Nelson Mandela The 80th Birthday

-Elizabeth Taylor Birthday (Elizabeth I Love You)

-Apollo Performance 2003

-Apollo News

-American Bandstand Performance and News 2003

-You Were There Tribute To Sammy Davis Jr.

-Simpsonís Episode With Lisa Its Your Birthday

-Super bowl 1993

-Jackson Honor Night

-United We Stand

-ZDF Show 1995



-The 52nd Presidential Inaurgrd Gala 1993


DVD 42: 2 DVDís


-History Concert In Manila Philippine Dec. 8 1996 Second Version



-History Concert In Munich Germany July 6 1997  /


DVD 43: 2 DVDís


-Bad Concert In Tokyo Japan Sep. 26 1987

-Bad Concert In Gothenburg June 12 1988



-Bad Concert In Cologne Germany July 03, 1988

-Bad Concert In London July 14, 1988


DVD 44:

-LA Gear Commercial

-Jackson 5 Book Commercial

-Doll Commercial

-The California Raisin Commercial

-Moonwalk Book Commercial

-Dangerous Album Commercial

-Oprah Interview Commercial 1st Edition

-History Album Commercial

-Ghosts Commercial

-History Tour Commercial

-History Tour Official Commercial

-Pepsi Iíll Be There Commercial 1st Edition

-Pepsi Concert Commercial

-Pepsi Street Commercial

-Pepsi The Magic Begins Commercial

-Pepsi The Chase Commercial

-Pepsi The Chopper Commercial

-Pepsi The Museum Commercial

-Pepsi The Final Commercial

-Pepsi Iíll Be There Commercial 1st Edition

-Pepsi Iíll Be There Commercial 2nd Edition

-Pepsi New Generation Commercial

-Oprah Interview Commercial 2nd Edition + Making

-Esonic Commercial

-Dream Commercial

-Sugar & Crisp Commercial

-Sony Kirara Commercial

-Credit Card 87 Commercial

-Street Commercial

-Suzuki Commercial 1

-Suzuki Commercial 2

-Suzuki Commercial 3

-Suzuki Commercial 4

-Mystory Commercial


DVD 45:

-Soul Train Awards 25 VH1 Honoree Awards MJ Singing With Boyz2men

-Best International Solo Artist Awards 1987

-Van Guard Awards 1987

-Philips Hall Of Fame Achievement Awards 1987

-World Music Video Awards 1987

-Artist Of The Month Channel V

-Smash Hits Awards

-Hall Of Fame 1997

-American Music Honoree 1987 Presented By Eddie Murphy

-Best International Solo Artist 1987

-Bet Awards 1995 Performance

-Radio Music Awards 2003

-Humanitarian Awards 2004 In Washington D.C

-VH1 Honoree



DVD 46:

-The Wiz

-Blame It On The Boogie 1978

-Free To Be You & Me  1974

-Making Of The Wiz


DVD 47: 2 DVDís


-History Around The World

-MJ In Moscow

-MJ History Around The World

-MJ Message To Tops And Pops

-MJ In Canne 1997

-MJ In Romania

-Bet Special History Tour 1997

-MJ Watching A Puppet Show

-MJ In The Hospital 1989

-MJ In Mexico

-Blitz Special 1

-Blitz Special 2

-MJ In Was Museum 1997

-MJ At James Brown Concert

-Death Match Between Michael And Madonna

-MJ In Gary Indiana 2003

-MJ Arrive To Bahamas 1996

-MJ & Lisa In Memphis Zoo

-MJ At The Wax Museum 1997



-MJ In Puppet Show

-MJ Backstage 92

-MJ Message To Germany 2002

-MJ At Lisa Maneliís Wedding Private + News

-MJ At Oxford 2001 News

-MJ At Carousal Of Hope

-MJ At Angle Ball 2000

-MJ At Miracle St. 2000

-MJ In London 2001 (OXFORD) Private

-MJ Day 10 2001 Private

-MJ In London 2001 (OXFORD)

-MJ At Tower Record Japan 1996

-MJ At The Hospital

-MJ Outside Lisa Maneliís Wedding Private And News

-MJ Cameo For Men In Black 2

-Motown Museum

-MJ With Dodi Al Fayed At The Stadium

-MJ At A Kids Hospital 1993

-Christmas Message 2002

-MJ In Hawaii 1997

-MJ Message To Australia 1997

-MJ At Chateau National De Pierre Fonds

-MJ In Milan Italy

-MJ Backstage From History Tour

-Message To Paris

-MJ Before And After World Music Awards 1996

-J5 Family On Stage At Destiny Concert

-MJ In Las Vegas 2003

-MJ Backstage At The MTV Music 2003 Private

-MJ In London Taking Picture With Kids

-MJ Signing The History Book In Australia Private

-MJ Message About The Internet

-Bet Backstage 2003

-Wolf Family At Neverland 2003

-MJ In Cannes 1997

-MJ With Romanian Police 1993

-MJ In Japan 1987

-Wolf Family At Neverland 2003 Commercial

-MJ In Capa Town 1997


DVD 48: 2 DVDs


-Destiny Concert In New Orleans 1979

-Jackson 5 Live At The Rainbow

-Jackson 5 Live In Mexico 1975



-Jackson 5 Live In France

-Triumph Live In L.A 1981

-Victory Live In Kansas 6 July 1984


DVD 49:


-Making Of Scream

-Making Of TDCAU

-Making Of MTV 10th Anniversary

-Making Of Teaser Special Edition

-Making Of Thriller Special Edition Never Seen Before


DVD 50: 2 DVDís


-Bad Concert In Barcelona 9 Aug 1988

-Bad Concert In Paris France June 27, 1988



-Bad Concert In Tokyo Japan Live 26 Dec 1988 PRIVATE 1 hour and 47 minutes

-Bad Concert In Tokyo Japan Live 26 Dec 1988 TV VERSION 5 minutes

-Bad Concert In In Gothenburg Sweden June 11 1988

-Bad Concert In Tokyo Japan Dec 17 1988


DVD 51:



DVD 52:


-OMNI Press Conference 1993

-Mandela & Michael Press Conference 1999

-Heal The Kids Press Conference 2000

-Kingdom Entertainment Press Conference 1995

-Bush & Michael Press Conference 1993

-Pepsi Sponsors Dangerous Tour Press Conference 1992

-Pepsi In London Press Conference 1992

-News MJ New York Press Conference 2002

-New York Press Conference 2002 SIDE CAMED

-New York Press Conference 2002 FRONT CAMED

-London Sponsors Dangerous Tour Press Conference 1992

-New York Press Conference May 1986

-New York Press Conference March 1988

-Africa Press Conference 1996

-Moscow Press Conference 1996

-Michael Jackson And Friends In Munich Press Conference 1999

-Prague Press Conference 1996

-City Hall Gary Indiana Press Conference Jun. 11 2003

-Roosevelt High School Gary Indiana 2003

-Detroit Casino Press Conference 1997



-American Embassy In Japan Press Conference 10 Dec. 1992

-Michael Jackson & Nelson Mandela Press Conference 99 For MJ & Friends

-Berlin Auction 2002

-1984 Press Conference After The Pepsi Commercial {Burned His Hair}

-President Ragon 1984 Press Conference

-Washington D.C 2004 Press Conference Fight Against Aids In Africa

-Second Arraignment Press Conference 04/30/04



DVD 53: 2 DVDS


-History Concert In Seoul South Korea Oct.13 1996



-History Concert In Bucharest Romania Sept. 14 1996


DVD 54: 2 DVDS


-History Concert In Helsinki Finland August 26 1997



-History Concert In Manila Philippine Dec. 8 1996


DVD 55:


-Going Back To Indiana Concert

-Hellzapoppon 1972

-Jackson 5 In DisneyLand

-Diana Ross Special 1971

-Ed Sullivan Show 1969

-J5 Rehearsal

-Jackson 5 In Florida



-Dreamer Video Clip

-Say Say Say

-Cher Show

-Flip Wilson Show

-Ben From Sony & Cher

-Ed Sullivan Show

-Say Say Say

-Jackson 5 Perform In Indiana

-Jackson 5 Introduced At Hollywood Palace By Diana Ross

-MJ & Diana Special

-Wish Upon A Star

-Show You The Way


DVD 56: 2 DVDís


-MJ In Berlin 2002 Version 1 PRIVATE

-MJ In Wax Museum MCM Version

-MJ In Berlin 2002 Version 2 PRIVATE

-MJ Arrives In Prague 1995

-MJ In Japan 1996

-MJ & Macolly Colcin In Orleans L.A

-MJ In Japan 1987

-MJ Laughing With Children

-Gary Indiana 2003

-MJ At The Cable TV Tower Chicago 2003

-Beverly Hills shopping 03

-MJ In Florida 2003

-MJ In Florida 2003

-MJ At Greg Repack Funeral 2003

-MJ Shopping In The US

-MJ Shopping With Prince And Paris And Latoya

-MJ In Florida 2003 Eating Ice Cream With Prince And Paris

-MJ In The Studio Working On The Dangerous Album 1991

-Lisa Manalliís Wedding



-MJ Shopping With Prince And Paris & Latoya 2003 In Los Angeles

-MJ Wearing An Afro Wig 2003

-Uri Gellerís Wedding 2001

-Party At Neverland 2003

-MJ In Montrťal Canada Sep 2003

-MJ In Tenerife 1993

-MJ In Benos Argentina 1993

-MJ In Austria 1993

-MJ Arriving To Munich 1997

-MJ At The Red Dragon Filming 2002

-MJ In Las Vegas Oct. 27 2003

-MJ At Barry White's Funeral Los Angeles 2003

-MJ In Gary Indiana 2003 AMC Special

-Police At Neverland 2003 Xtra

-Police At Neverland 2003 ET

-MJ In London 2002 MJ IN A CD STORE

-MJ In DisneyLand Paris Wearing a Muslim Scarf  July 13-1999

-MJ Arrive In Tokyo 88


DVD 57: 3 DVDís


-45th Birthday Celebration Of Love August 30th 2003 Version 2



-News about the 45th Birthday Celebration Of Love

-Access Hollywood Broadcast on the Internet

-Michael In L.A Airport August 30th 2003

-45th Birthday Celebration Of Love August 30th 2003 Version 1

-Access Hollywood 45th Birthday Celebration Internet Broadcast

-45th Birthday Celebration Of Love August 30th 2003 Version 3

-J-Kid With Michael Jackson Behind The Scenes


DVD 58:

DVD 1:

-Michael Jackson 60 Minutes Interview 2003

-Michael Jackson 60 Minutes Interview 1984

-1980 Interview

-ABC Interview With Kathryn and Joseph Jackson

-Gala Interview 2000

-Debbie Rowe Interview 09/13/04

-Snake Interview 1984

-Latoya Jackson Interview 2004

-Joseph Jackson Interview 09/20/04

-Nephews And Jermaine Jackson Interview 10/16/04

-Debbie Rowe Interview 09/14/04


DVD 2:

-Catheron Jackson FOX Interview 02/06/05

-A Large With Geraldo Rivera {Michael Jackson Interview} 02/06/05


DVD 59:

-Dangerous Concert In Palistine Tel Aviv Sept. 19, 1993 [Israel] 80'000 Yarkon Park

-Dangerous Concert In Munich

-Dangerous Concert In Japan Dec. 30, 1992 Tokyo [Japan] 45'000 * Tokyo Dome

-Dangerous Concert In Toulouse [France] 40'000 * Stade Municipal Sept. 16, 1992


DVD 60:

-Victory Concert In Dallas 14 July 1984

-The Jacksonís Concert Bille Jean Live In Dallas Taxes 1984


DVD 61: 2 DVDS


-Living With Michael Jackson

VH1 Version



-The Footage You Were Never Ment To See

VH1 Version


DVD 62:

-Dangerous Concert Live In ROMANIA Bucharest EXCELLENT QUALITY


DVD 63:

-Bad Concert In Yokozuma Japan EXCELLENT QUALITY


DVD 64:

-History Concert In Auckland New eland EXCELLENT QUALITY


DVD 65: 2 DVDS



DVD 66:


-Making Of Ghosts Millennium



DVD 67:

-Celebration Of Love 45th Birthday 4th Version


DVD 68:

-Man In The Mirror


DVD 69:

-Dangerous Concert In Bucharest Romania THE LIVE VERSION Excellent Quality


DVD 70: 2 DVDS


-History Concert In AMSTERDAM  Holland September 28

-History Concert In Lyon France June 25 Parc des Expositions

-History Concert In Oct. 20 Taiwan Kaoshung venue ?


-Michael In India

-History Concert In Indian Bombay Nov. 1 1996 Andheri Sports Complex 60,000 charity

-History Concert In Switzerland  June 20  Lausanne Pontaise-Stadium 35,000


DVD 71: 2 DVDS


-MJ In Moscow 1996

-MJ In The Elevator 1996

-MJ In Moscow 1993

-MJ In A CD STORE 1996

-MJ In Monaco 1996

-MJ In Argentina 1993

-MJ Outside Prague Hotel 1996

-MJ In Seoul Korea 21/06/99

-MJ In Florida 2003 Buying a house in Miami

-MJ Shopping For His Kids 2003

-MJ In Zaragoza

-MJ In Munich 04/07/1997

-MJ Shopping For His Kids

-MJ At The Gala 2000

-MJ In Tapia

-MJ In London & Backstage 1993

-MJ And Lisa Presley In The Zoo

-MJ In Korea 1997

-MJ In Las Vegas 2002

-MJ At The Auction 2002

-MJ In Berlin Germany 2002

-MJ At Lisa Manalliís Wedding 2000




-MJ In New York 2002

-MJ In Motown Coffee With His Girlfriend In New York 1995

-MJ Eating Sushi


-MJ Shopping (SECURITY CAMERA) 12/23/99

-MJ Celebrating Christmas In The Hotel With Kids

-MJ With Kids Backstage 1993

-MJ At Lupus Charity 2004

-MJ Entering to the Orphuem Theater 2003

-The Big Story (Molestation Case 1993)

-MJ In Japan 1987




-MJ In South Africa 1996

-MJ In Canne 1997

-MJ In Africa 1993

-MJ In Tunis 1996

-MJ In South Africa 1999 + Press Conference With MJ And Nelson Mandela

-MJ In Sydney 1996


-MJ In Africa 1999

-MJ In Africa 1996

-MJ In Budapest 1996

-MJ In Africa 1993

-MJ In Budapest 1996

-MJ At The Oxford London 2001

-MJ In Munich 1999 Hotel

-MJ In UK 02/18/1996

-MJ In Tunis 1996 + Message To Tunis

-MJ In Zaragoza 1997

-MJ In Atlantis 1996

-MJ In Sydney 1996 Museum Of CDS

-MJ In Japan 1997

-MJ In Paris France 1997



-MJ In Washington D.C 03/31/2004

-MJ In Washington D.C 03/31/2004

-MJ In Washington D.C 04/01/2004

-MJ In Washington D.C 04/01/2004

-Janet Jackson Rehearsal At The SuperBowl 2004

-MJ In Washington D.C 04/01/2004


-MJ In Washington D.C 04/01/2004

-MJ In Washington D.C 04/01/2004

-MJ In Washington D.C 04/01/2004

-MJ In The Church August 16 2004

-MJ In Korea 1999

-MJ At The Virgin Mega Store Signing PRIVATE RIGHT SIDE

-MJ In Africa

-MJ In Tel Aviv Palestine

-MJ In Mexico

-MJ In Korea 1999 The Complete Trip To Korea

-MJ In Prague 1996

-MJ In London 1992 Arriving

-MJ In India 1996


DVD 73:

-Michael Jackson A Remarkable Life


DVD 74:


-The Way You Make Me Feel

-Bad Kid Edition

-Speed Demon

-Liberian Girl

-Man In The Mirror Version 1

-Man In The Mirror Version 2

-I Just Cant Stop Loving You

-Dirty Diana

-Smooth Criminal

-Leave Me Alone

-Come Together

-Pepsi Commercial Next Generation

-Making Of Speed Demon


DVD 75:

-Miss Cast Away The Movie

-Making Of Miss Cast Away

-POP Secret Michael Jackson At Neverland


DVD 76:


-MJ After The Arraignment Shopping

-Press Conference After the Arraignment

-MJ On His Way To The Arraignment Camed on the Highway

-Jermain Press Conference 01/12/04

-First Day In Court

-MJ Case News

-ET Case News

-MJ Case News

-MJ In Washington D.C


-MJ Court News

-MJ Court Date 05/06/04

-MJ Court Date 05/06/04

-MJ Court Date 05/06/04

-MJ Court Date 08/16/04

-MJ Court News

-First Day In Court Private

-MJ Court Date 09/17/04


DVD 77:


-MJ accuser 93 documantary

-Mother of the Accuser Interview

-Sheriff Jim Anderson Conference (MJ Not Injured)

-MJ Court Date 01/31/05 Jury Selection Day 1

-MJ Court Date 02/01/05 Jury Selection Day 2

-MJ Message through MJJSOURCE Leak 01/30/05

-MJ Court Date 02/14/05 Jury Selection Day 3

-MJ Court Date 02/15/05 MJ Rushed to the hospital

-MJ Court Date 02/22/05

-Rabbi Shmuly Interview 02/22/05

-MJ Court Date 02/23/05



-MJ Secret Childhood VH1 Special

-Martin Bashir MJ Secret World

-Corey Feldmen Interview 2005


DVD 78: 2 dvds

We Are The World The Story Behind The Song


DVD 79:

-Living With Michael Jackson


DVD 80:

-The Footage You Were Never Ment To See


DVD 81:



DVD 82: MJ In Trouble


-MJ Leaving The Court 04/13/05

-MJ Court Date Day 31 Prosecution 04/14/05

-MJ Court Date Day 32 Prosecution 04/15/05

-MJ Court Date Day 33 Prosecution 04/16/05

-MJ Court Date Day 34 Prosecution 04/18/05

-MJ Court Date Day 35 Prosecution 04/19/05

-MJ Court Date Day 36 Prosecution 04/20/05

-MJ Court Date Day 37 Prosecution 04/21/05

-MJ Court Date Prosecution 04/22/05

-MJ Court Date Day 38 Prosecution 04/25/05

-MJ Court Date Day 39 Prosecution 04/26/05

-MJ Court Date Day 40 Prosecution 04/27/05 PART 1


-MJ Court Date Day 40 Prosecution 04/27/05 PART 2

-MJ Court Date Day 41 Prosecution 04/28/05

-MJ Court Date Day 42 Prosecution 05/02/05

-MJ Court Date Day 44 Prosecution 05/03/05

-MJ Leaving The Court 05/03/05 Day 44

-MJ Court Date Day 45 Prosecution 05/04/05

-MJ Court Date Day 46 Prosecution 05/05/05

-MJ Court Date Day 47 Defense 05/08/05

-MJ Court Date Day 48 Defense 05/09/05

-MJ Leaving The Court 05/09/05 Day 48

-MJ Court Date Day 49 Defense 05/10/05

-MJ Court Date Day 50 Defense 05/11/05 Macaulay Culkin Testifying

-MJ Court Date Day 51 Defense 05/12/05

-MJ Court Date Day 52 Defense 05/13/05

-MJ Court Date Day 53 Defense 05/16/05


-MJ Court Date Day 54 Defense 05/17/05

-MJ Court Date Day 43 Defense 05/03/05

-MJ Court Date Day 55 Defense 05/18/05

-MJ Court Date Day 56 Defense 05/19/05 Larry King, Mark Garages Testifying

-MJ Court Date Day 57 Defense 05/20/05 Mark Garages Testifying

-MJ Court Date Day 58 Defense 05/23/05

-MJ Court Date Day 59 Defense 05/24/05 J-Leno & Chris Tucker Testifying



DVD 83: MJ In Trouble



DVD 84: Dangerous Short Films

-Making Of Black Or White

-Black Or White

-SuperBowl Heal The World Performance

-Making Of Remember The Time

-Remember The Time

-Will You Be There

-Making Of In The Closet

-In The Closet

-Gone Too Soon

-Making Of Jam


-Heal The World

-Give In To Me

-Who Is It



DVD 85: Number One 4 Different Covers

-Dont Stop 'Til You Get Enough

-Rock With You

-Bille Jean

-Beat It



-The Way You Make Me Feel

-Man In The Mirror

-Smooth Criminal

-Dirty Diana

-Black Or White

-You Are Not Alone

-Earth Song

-Blood On The Dance Floor

-You Rock My World


DVD 86: The One

-CBS Special


DVD 87: History Greatest Hits

-Bille Jean

-The Way You Make Me Feel

-Black Or White

-Rock With You



-Beat It

-Remember The Time

-Dont Stop 'Til You Get Enough

-Heal The World


DVD 87: History Volume II

-Program Start


-Bille Jean

-Beat It

-Liberian Girl

-Smooth Criminal

-1995 MTV Video Music Awards Performance




-You Are Not Alone

-Earth Song

-They Donít Care About Us

-Stranger In Moscow

-Blood On The Dance Floor

-Brace Yourself


DVD 88:


-MJ Court Date 02/24/05

-MJ Court Date 02/28/05

-MJ Court Date 03/01/05

-MJ Court Date Day 1 Prosecution 03/01/05

-MJ Court Date Day 2 Prosecution 03/02/05

-MJ Court Date Day 3 Prosecution 03/03/05

-MJ Court Date Day 4 Prosecution 03/04/05

-MJ Court Date Day 3 MJ Leaving the Court 03/03/05

-MJ Court Date Day 5 Prosecution 03/07/05

-MJ Court Date Day 6 Prosecution 03/08/05

-MJ Court Date Day 7 Prosecution 03/09/05

-MJ Court Date Day 8,9,10 Prosecution 03/10/05

  & Rabbi Shmuly Interview


-MJ Press Conference Outside the court 03/10/05

-MJ Court Date Day 11 Prosecution 03/14/05

-MJ Court Date Day 12 Prosecution 03/15/05

-MJ Court Date Day 13 Prosecution 03/16/05

-MJ Court Date Day 14 Prosecution 03/17/05

-Hollywood Heat 2005

-MJ Court Date Day 15 Motion 03/18/05

-MJ Court Date Day 16 Prosecution 03/21/05

-MJ Court Date Day 16 MJ Coming out of the

  court 03/01/05

-MJ Court Date Day 17 Prosecution 03/22/05

-MJ Court Date Day 18 Prosecution 03/23/05

  & Rabbi Shmuly Interview


-MJ Court Date Day 19 Prosecution 03/24/05

-MJ Court Date Day 20 Prosecution 03/25/05

-MJ Court Date Day 21 Prosecution 03/28/05

-MJ Court Date Day 21 MJ Leaving the court


-MJ Court Date Day 22 Prosecution 03/29/05

-MJ Court Date Day 23 Prosecution 03/31/05

-Jessie Jackson Interview with MJ On The

  Radio 03/27/05

-MJ Court Date Day 24 Prosecution 04/01/05

-MJ Court Date Day 25 Prosecution 04/04/05

-MJ Court Date Day 26 Prosecution 04/05/05

-MJ Court Date Day 26 Prosecution 04/05/05

-MJ Court Date Day 27 Prosecution 04/07/05

-MJ Court Date Day 28 Prosecution 04/08/05

-MJ Court Date Day 29 Prosecution 04/11/05

-MJ Court Date Day 30 Prosecution 04/12/05


DVD 89:


-MJ Court Date Day 59 Defense 05/24/05

- MJ Leaving The Court Day 59

-MJ Court Date Day 60 Defense 05/25/05 + Rabbie Shmully Interview

-MJ Court Date Day 60 End of Defense

-MJ Court Date Day 61 Rebuttal 05/26/05

-MJ Court Date Day 62 Rebuttal 05/27/05

-MJ Court Date Day 63 Motions 05/31/05

-MJ Court Date Day 64 Motions 06/01/05 + Rabbie Shmully Interview


-MJ Court Date Day 64 Jury Instructions 06/02/05

-MJ Court Date Day 65 Final Argument 06/02/05

-MJ Court Date Day 66 Final Argument 06/03/05


-MJ Leaving the Court 66 06/03/05

-MJ Court Date Day 67 Verdict Watch 06/06/05

-MJ Court Date Day 68 Verdict Watch 06/07/05

-MJ Court Date Day 69 Verdict Watch 06/08/05

-MJ Court Date Day 70 Verdict Watch 06/09/05

-MJ Court Date Day 71 & 72 Verdict Watch 06/12 and 06/13/05


DVD 90:

-The Wiz

-Making Of The Win



DVD 91:

-The Real Michael Jackson {Unauthorized Interview}


DVD 92:
-MJ Shopping In Houston Texas 07/27/04

-MJ with Corey Feldman 1994

-Holiday Party at Neverland Valley Ranch Dec. 17 2005 MJJSOURCE RELEASE COMPLETE FOOTAGE

-MJ Message to European Jackson Event 2005

- MJ Message To Fans 03/16/05 From Neverland


DVD 93: 2 DVDS


-MJ Court Date Day 72 Verdict 06/13/05

-Acquitted + Tom Sneddon Press Conference

-Tom Sneddon Interview with Court TV


-MJ Court Date Day 72 Vindication

-Jury Press Conference 06/13/05

-Fans at Neverland Gate 06/13/05 Celebrating

-Tom Maseru Interview On Jay Leno 06/15/05

-Tom Maseru Interview On Larry King Live 06/14/05

-Ron Zunen Interview 06/14/05 Prosecutor Interview

-Brain Oxman Interview 06/14/05

-Jermaine Jackson Interview on Larry King Live 06/15/05